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Wild Coast, South Africa

Wild Coast, South Africa

This unspoiled tropical paradise takes visitors back to a better time when real things mattered like a beautiful sunrise or a walk on a pristine, deserted beach.

Blessed with sea, sun and plenty of things to see and do, the Wild Coast offers a lifestyle that allows one to forget about the rest of the world. Here on the East Coast of South Africa where waterfalls tumble into the sea, visitors can slow down and breathe to heartbeat of Africa.

Fishing and Adventure Tourism

This is a great place for all types of adventure aourism. Winter and Spring bring game fish, but there is good fishing all year round. Deep-sea charters are available as well as rock, surf, fly and spear fishing. Fishing licenses can be obtained from the local post offices.

There’s a range of accommodation available along the Wild Coast to suit all tastes and budgets, from fisherman’s hideaways to fully serviced hotels and resorts. This tropical paradise is especially perfect for backpacking.

Hiking and Backpacking

Hiking along the Wild Coast coastline is a life changing experience. Get a good pair of walking shoes, pick up a backpack and set off to absorb the primitive beauty of the Wild Coast, which is ideal for walking, with many caves, bays, shipwrecks, cliffs and capes to explore. 4×4 Routes are also plentiful as are horseback trails. And the local people you meet along the way are friendly and welcoming.

Snorkel and Scuba Dive on the Wild Coast

Snorkeling and scuba diving can be done at many sites along the Wild Coast. Divers and treasure hunters search for coins, crockery, cannons and other relics from numerous old shipwrecks along the coast.

Port St Johns on the Wild Coast

There are only two real towns on the Wild Coast coastline and Port St John’s is one of them. Port St John’s, located on the massive Umzimvubu River. is known for its incredible stretch of coastline. Second Beach at Port St John’s is an experience no tourist will ever forget. Here in the laid-back, relaxed atmosphere, the Xhosa culture – both traditional and modern – is always magically apparent.

Coffee Bay on the Wild Coast

In Coffee Bay the dress code is beachcomber-style and most meals are eaten outdoors. This is a very popular holiday resort on the Wild Coast, with safe and beautiful swimming beaches, spectacular hikes, excellent fishing and a transient population of families on holiday, backpackerjng, camping – tourists and students.

Coffee Shack is a backpacker’s tropical paradise, located right on the beach at the Bomvu River mouth. Its address: On the beach, Coffee Bay, Transkei, South Africa.

Qunu – Traditional Home of Nelson Mandela

South Africans call it Madiba Magic – that mixture of statesmanship and playfulness that former president Nelson Mandela radiates. (He is from the Madiba clan, hence the name). Qunu is where he was born and where he makes his traditional home. The Nelson Mandela Route which includes the Nelson Mandela Museum, is a self-drive tour through a deeply significant part of South Africa’s history.

Eco Tourism on the Wild Coast

The Bulungula Lodge an eco-friendly backpacker’s lodge, run in partnership with a traditional community. It runs on solar power and the huts are all positioned with great sea and forest views. The Nqileni village owns 40% of the lodge and is an integral part of daily life.

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