A Round-Up In To Nigeria’s Major Issues

Provided below are three major concerns of Nigeria at present and the latest updates on it.

The Nigeria request to have a maritime data bank

According to the Director-General, Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, Dr. Dakuku Peterside, the agency are gearing up for a single-data window system for all sorts of functionalities in the Nigerian maritime sector in a kind of fashion that data needed can be availed through a single platform.

According to him, a maritime data bank would engender swift national financial growth.

Peterside, who initiated this in Lagos during a communication process with journalists, also mentioned that the Nigerian maritime sector presently provides around 100,000 direct jobs with hastening effects of more than two million jobs.

According to him, the sector was worth of sufficient statistical specifications published in monthly fashion through the National Bureau of Statistics. Putting lights on the survey and inspection of vessels calling at Nigerian ports, he stated that the swift interference vessels the organization provided in past year resulted in growth in port, flag, and coastal state control inspections.

Best places to buy cannabis seeds safely from Nigeria

Seed banks where to buy cannabis seeds

After many years of considering it as a drug or narcotic, finally marijuana is legal in many countries and if you live among these countries you can freely smoke weed with no problems from police or any legal department. Of course, in Nigeria, the cannabis is still illegal but lucky you, you still can purchase seeds and grow your own cannabis at home safely!


But do you know what you may have problem with? If you’ll buy or sell marijuana, it’s still against the law and you’ll be treated as a full, real criminal.

So you may ask, what is a way to get marijuana and stay in compliance with the law, avoid any legal issues and be free of any responsibility? Well, you can produce them yourself!


You can grow cannabis seeds in your hours, protected from any negative effects or diseases, safe and fresh, with no problems.

But the problem you may come at is where you can buy good cannabis seeds to grow it, produce marijuana and turn it into weed that you can smoke later.


Unfortunately for all of us there are many dishonest(and some illegal too) places and selling sources who may charge you extra experience and provide you with lowest quality cannabis seeds or even worse, some similar looking but completely different plant that you can’t use for anything(and may have very bad effects if you’ll smoke it!)


Fortunately, there are some approved facilities where you can buy the seeds at a reasonable price, stay under the law and legal rules and get great quality.

These facilities are called Seed Banks and are available all over the world, in online and offline environments.


Another bad problem you’ll be facing here is that you don’t know which one is good and which is bad, but fortunately for you here’s best seed banks where you don’t get just a good seeds, but you get the best – great cannabis seeds that results in a very good weed you can enjoy without worries.

Want another good news? It’s one of the cheapest solutions while you get premium quality, unbelievable for the price.


When you grow your own seeds you not only get good quality weeds to smoke but you also spend your time and effort on taking care for the plant. It’s well known and many times proved by scientists and physicists – when you take good care of something you become a kinder person than you were before and it also helps you to overcome and totally prevent any depressions and stress.


It’s already well known and one of the major reason for marijuana’s legalization, that it has many positive effects on the human brain and body, overall health. It appears that not only smoking marijuana helps but also growing it helps you in a daily struggle and keeps bad feelings and depression far away from you.


If you’re still thinking about buying marijuana seeds from some nasty local guy just quit it and buy it from an approved, legal distributor who have taken many steps to make sure every bit of seeds is high quality and has a few bad effects as possible while all good effects are maxed!

The Governors Want To Decentralize The Police Of Nigeria

In-charge provisional President Yemi Osinbajo on Thursday stated that the Federal and state governments remained determined regarding the decentralization of policing in Nigeria.

As per the statement by the Special Assistant to Yemi Osinbajo, the acting president on Media and Publicity, Mr. Laolu Akande, the purpose of the decentralization is to enhance the standard of police and security department of the nation.

The statement was released on Thursday night; only a few hours post the National Economic Council (NEC) stated in defense of the Federal Government’s plan regarding decentralization of police. Along with supporting the decentralization idea, the NEC established a team including the state governors and the Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, to make sure the practical execution of the same.

Other aspects discussed at the meeting constitutes the allowance of tax by state governments, the development of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and an upgrade on the Federation Accounts Allocation Committee.

Counterfeit Drugs In Nigeria, A Serious Problem The Police Said

Nigeria has been very serious regarding its international attempts at addressing the challenges of counterfeit drugs since Dora Akunyili took over the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) in 2001. To deal with the serious issues of counterfeits, the initial move was to address issues of corruption.

In five years Akunyili, a 52-year-old professor of pharmacology, has gained a lot of popularity in Nigeria due to her strong approach against corruption.

Nigeria is currently considered as one of the most corrupt nations over the globe, according to Transparency International. Prior to Akunyili, various staffs used to misuse their power to charge money from various business groups and also were involved in taking bribes from counterfeiters simply to allow them in the Nigerian medicines market. Akunyili dismissed many corrupt r officers. To prioritize honesty among the other staffs and to boost confidence in them, she offered incentives like foreign training, better facilities and work culture.

Akunyili stated to a leading media that: “The level of corruption we had in 2001 cannot in any way be compared to what we have now. It has decreased to almost zero. But it is still a problem. We cannot rule it out completely.”